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Major Franchises
2020's Franchises
2010's Franchises Sword Art Online (franchise) | K (franchise) | Attack on Titan (franchise)
2000's Franchises Hidimari Sketch (franchise) | Code Geass (franchise) | Science Adventure Franchise | Beyblade (franchise) | A Certain...... Franchise | .Hack// (franchise) | Gintama (franchise) | Fate/ (franchise) | Monogatari (franchise) | Naruto (franchise)
1990's Franchises One Piece (franchise) | Ghost in the Shell (franchise) | Crayon Shin-chan (franchise) | Yu-Gi-Oh!! (franchise) | Sailormoon (franchise) | Pokemon (franchise) | Digimon (franchise) | Detective Conan (franchise)
1980's Franchises Macross (franchise) | Ranma ½ (franchise) | Saint Seiya (franchise) | Dragonball (franchise)
1970's Franchises Gundam (franchise)
Pre-1970's Franchises Doraemon and Associates Franchise | Lupin III (franchise)
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